Friday, 17 May 2013

Pope plans to travel to the Italian Island of Sardinia

During Wednesday's general audience, Pope Francis announced he plans to travel to the Italian island of Sardinia in September. 

He will specifically visit Cagliari, which is the island's capital, to pray before the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Bonaria. The Pope then reflected on the historical ties between his native city of Buenos Aires and Sardinia

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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Ryanair loses its appeal on access to aid investigation

RYANAIR has lost an appeal it took to the European Union's General Court after it had been denied access to information about investigations undertaken by the European Commission into state aid provided to airports, reports. Ryanair had sought details of investigations of state aid investigations undertaken by the Commission into Alghero airport on Sardinia, as well as Schoenefeld in Berlin, Lubeck airport in Hamburg, Bratislava airport in Slovakia, France's Pau airport close to the Pyrenees, and Aarhus airport in Denmark.
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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

IATA critics on airspace closures due to Vulcanic ashes

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) called on European governments and air navigation service providers to urgently develop more precise procedures to identify ash contaminated air space and allow more flights. The call came in the wake of 1,000 flight cancellations on Monday (17 May) as a result of the continued volcanic eruptions in Iceland.

“This problem is not going away any time soon. The current European-wide system to decide on airspace closures is not working. We welcome the operational refinements made by the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) in their theoretical model but we are still basically relying on one-dimensional information to make decisions on a four-dimensional problem. The result is the unnecessary closure of airspace. Safety is always our number one priority. But we must make decisions based on facts, not on uncorroborated theoretical models,” said Giovanni Bisignani, IATA’s Director General and CEO.

Bisignani noted some successful exceptions which provide examples to follow. “France has been able to safely keep its airspace open by enhancing the VAAC data with operational expertise to more precisely determine safe fly zones. Today, the UK Civil Aviation, working with the UK NATS (the air navigation service provider), announced another step forward by working with airlines and manufacturers to more accurately define tolerance levels while taking into account special operational procedures. Both are examples for other European governments to follow,” said Bisignani.

Bisignani called for (1) more robust data collection and analysis (2) a change in the decision making process and (3) urgency in addressing the issues.

Data Collection and Analysis
“Numbers show that the current system is flawed. Over 200,000 flights have operated in European airspace identified by the VAAC as having the potential presence of ash. Not one aircraft has reported significant ash presence and this is verified by post-flight aircraft and engine inspections. We must back the theory with facts gathered by aircraft to test ash concentration. France and the UK are showing that this is possible. If European civil aviation does not have the resources, it should look to borrow the test aircraft from other countries or military sources,” said Bisignani.

Changing the Decision-making Process
“We have lost confidence in the ability of Europe’s governments to make effective and consistent decisions. Using the same data, different countries have come to different conclusions on opening or closing airspace,” said Bisignani.

“Ultimately the industry needs a decision-making process for ash clouds similar to the one used for all other operational disruptions. Every day airlines make decisions whether to fly or not to fly in various weather conditions. Airlines collate the information available and make informed decisions placing safety first and with full access to all the latest weather reporting. Why should volcanic ash be any different?” said Bisignani.

In the US, which has a lot of experience with volcanic activity, the government identifies a no-fly zone where ash concentration is the highest. For all other areas, it is the responsibility of the airline to decide to fly or not based on the various data sources available. “The US has well-established, safe and effective procedures for tracking the hazards of volcanic ash. In recent years, the industry had no recorded safety incidents from volcanic activity in US airspace. Europe has a lot to learn,” said Bisignani.

“Volcanic ash is a new challenge for European aviation. We can understand that systems need to be developed to cope. But what is absolutely inexcusable is the failure of Europe’s governments to act urgently and collectively to provide real leadership in a crisis. We have vast amounts of data from over 200,000 safe flights ready for analysis to support an urgent review of the current processes. The UK is finally moving in the right direction. But what about the other affected European governments? The next transport ministers meeting is scheduled for June 24. What kind of leadership waits more than a month to make crisis decisions? European businesses are dependant on air travel and passengers certainly cannot wait that long for initiatives like the UK’s to be implemented continent-wide,” said Bisignani.

To enhance the industry’s long-term ability to address volcanic ash issues, Bisignani is traveling to Montreal for urgent meetings with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). “IATA and ICAO have been working intensely on this issue since the crisis first struck in April. IATA is strongly supporting the ICAO task force which is reviewing ash tolerance thresholds with operators and manufacturers. The responsibility of manufacturers is critical in providing performance information to back decisions,” said Bisignani.

Tomorrow Bisignani will meet Roberto Kobeh-Gonzales, President of the ICAO Council and Raymond Benjamin, ICAO Secretary-General. “It is important that we act urgently and globally to better deal with this crisis and to lay a solid foundation for better decision making in future eruptions. Even as Europe stumbles with its fragmented approach, IATA is working with the global community through ICAO and by tapping into the experience of leading regulators like the US FAA to facilitate harmonized solutions,” said Bisignani.

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Friday, 25 December 2009

Ryanair flight disruptions Christmas period 2009

Original message from the Ryanair website from December 24th, 2009:

Due to 4 hour Spanish Air Traffic Control (ATC) slot delays the flights from Lanzarote to Dublin and to Brussels Charleroi have now been cancelled. Due to the refusal of Oslo Torp Airport to remain open after 15:00hrs CET the Oslo (Torp) to Frankfurt Hahn flight is also cancelled. Ryanair sincerely apologise to passengers for these cancellations which are beyond our control.

Ryanair intends to operate the remaining flight schedule for today. Weather conditions are still causing some limited delays however passengers should present at the airport as normal. Please consult the Ryanair website to monitor live flight information.

Latest flight information is available here and will be continuously updated throughout the day.

Ryanair apologises sincerely for any disruption to passengers as a result of the adverse weather across Europe.

Passengers who were due to travel and were booked to travel on one of the below cancelled flights can move to the next available flight free of charge or apply for a refund on their unused flight(s) by clicking on one of the below links


Customers who are booked to travel on one of the below cancelled flights can rebook to the same destination airport on an alternative flight free of charge, subject to availability, by clicking on the link below. Customers can access this link up to the 26/12/2009 for travel on flights up to the 27/12/2009.

Click here to rebook your flight

However, please note that if your booking has a return flight included and you have already checked in for this flight you will NOT be able to transfer your flight to a different departure airport online. If you wish to do this you will need to call our reservation centre on the following number. Alternatively, go to the airport ticket desk and they will transfer you onto an alternative flight. We have instructed airports that passengers affected by these flight cancellations may not be able to check-in online and therefore airport staff will reissue boarding passes at the airport free of charge.

Ryanair Reservations +44 871 246 0000 - Monday 21st - Wednesday 23rd - from 08:00 to 18:00 hours (GMT) and Thursday 24th from 09:00 to 16:00 hours (GMT)


Customers who are booked on any of the below flights, who wish to cancel and claim a full refund on the unused flight(s) can do so directly by clicking on the link below and entering the required details. Refunds will be processed in 10 working days back to the form of payment used to pay for the booking.

Click here to apply for a refund of a cancelled flight

Click here for the written notice setting out the rules for compensation and assistance in line with the Regulation EU Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004.


Flight No.Departure AirportArrival AirportDep.Arr.
FR8175LanzaroteBrussels Charleroi10:2015:35
FR7125LanazroteDublin 10:5015:15
FR9829Oslo (Torp)Frankfurt (Hahn) 13:4515:35

Flight No.Departure AirportArrival AirportDep.Arr.
FR7683City of DerryGlasgow Prestwick10:1010:55
FR1169City of DerryBirmingham13:4014:55
FR9885City of DerryLiverpool John Lennon14:1515:10
FR8086RigaCharleroi Brussels14:2516:00
FR5444MadridParis Beauvais16:3518:45
FR5445Paris BeauvaisMadrid19:1021:25
FR1424LiverpoolBelfast City20:1021:00
FR2149KaunasLondon Stansted21:2021:50
FR7843MurciaPrestwick Glasgow21:2023:20
FR1425Belfast CityLiverpool21:2522:15

Flight No.Departure AirportArrival AirportDep.Arr.
FR1941Stockholm SkavstaMilan Bergamo06:5009:25
FR1942Milan BergamoStockholm Skavsta10:0012:30
FR1943Stockholm SkavstaMilan Bergamo20:5023:25
FR1944Milan BergamoStockholm Skavsta17:5520:25
FR2149KaunasLondon Stansted21:2021:50
FR29Paris BeauvaisDublin22:2022:45
FR305 SalzburgLondon Stansted10:0510:55
FR3254London StanstedDusseldorf Weeze13:2515:35
FR3255Dusseldorf WeezeLondon Stansted12:5013:00
FR3467KaunasLondon Luton21:5522:40
FR4015Milan BergamoPescara08:0509:15
FR4016PescaraMilan Bergamo06:3007:40
FR4184London StanstedMilan Bergamo06:3009:30
FR4185Milan BergamoLondon Stansted09:5511:00
FR4231Milan BergamoParis Beauvais06:3008:05
FR4232Paris BeauvaisMilan Bergamo08:3009:55
FR4273Milan BergamoBarcelona Girona08:4010:05
FR4274Barcelona GironaMilan Bergamo06:5008:15
FR4391Milan BergamoLubeck10:2512:05
FR4392LubeckMilan Bergamo12:3014:05
FR4522Brussels CharleroiMilan Bergamo06:2007:55
FR4523Milan BergamoBrussels Charleroi08:2009:55
FR4542Milan BergamoRygge13:0015:35
FR4543RyggeMilan Bergamo16:0018:25
FR4631Milan BergamoValencia07:4509:40
FR4632ValenciaMilan Bergamo10:0511:15
FR4634Zaragoza Milan Bergamo19:0020:50
FR4635Milan BergamoSeville06:2508:55
FR4636SevilleMilan Bergamo09:2511:25
FR4658Milan BergamoBari06:3008:00
FR4659BariMilan Bergamo08:2510:00
FR4702Milan BergamoPorto06:3508:15
FR4703PortoMilan Bergamo08:4012:15
FR4708Milan BergamoAlghero10:4012:00
FR4709AlgheroMilan Bergamo12:2513:45
FR4732Berlin SchonefeldMilan Bergamo11:4013:15
FR4733Milan BergamoBerlin Schonefeld09:4011:15
FR4734Milan BergamoRome Ciampino06:3007:40
FR4735Rome CiampinoMilan Bergamo08:0509:15
FR4862Brussels CharleroiBologna15:1516:55
FR4863BolognaBussels Charleroi17:2019:10
FR5192Milan BergamoLamezia07:1508:55
FR5193LameziaMilan Bergamo09:2011:00
FR5203Milan BergamoFrankfurt Hahn06:4008:00
FR5204Frankfurt HahnMilan Bergamo08:2509:40
FR5393LameziaMilan Bergamo13:3515:15
FR5932Milan BergamoLamezia11:3013:10
FR5991MadridMilan Bergamo06:0008:15
FR5992Milan BergamoMadrid08:4011:00
FR6226Dusseldorf WeezeVenice Treviso18:5520:30
FR6227Venice TrevisoDusseldorf Weeze20:5522:35
FR6876Milan BergamoKrakow07:0008:50
FR6877KrakowMilan Bergamo09:1511:05
FR7702Dusseldorf WeezeAgadir14:0516:55
FR7703AgadirDusseldorf Weeze17:2022:10
FR7748Milan BergamoCagliari08:2009:50
FR7749CagliariMilan Bergamo06:3007:55
FR799Venice TrevisoLondon Stansted22:2523:30
FR8142London LutonKnock09:4011:05
FR8143KnockLondon Luton11:3012:50
FR8262BristolMilan Bergamo06:3009:45
FR8263Milan BergamoBristol10:1011:10
FR8636Dusseldorf WeezeMarrakesh14:5017:45
FR8637MarrakeshDusseldorf Weeze18:1023:15
FR8892Milan BergamoPalermo06:3008:10
FR8893PalermoMilan Bergamo08:3510:15
FR9003BillundGirona Barcelona13:2015:55
FR9079Leeds BradfordAlicante19:5523:35
FR9091Milan BergamoTrapani08:3010:05
FR9092TrapaniMilan Bergamo06:3008:05
FR9426DublinMilan Bergamo06:2510:05
FR9427Milan BergamoDublin10:3512:15
FR9461Rome CiampinoMilan Bergamo06:3007:40
FR9462Milan BergamoRome Ciampino08:0509:15
FR9462Milan BergamoRome Ciampino08:0509:15
FR9634BillundRome Ciampino09:5012:35
FR9671Rome CiampinoDusseldorf Weeze19:4521:55
FR9672Dusseldorf WeezeRome Ciampino17:1019:20

Flight No.Departure AirportArrival AirportDep.Arr.
FR757Frankfurt HahnLondon Stansted23:2023:40
FR65Paris BeauvaisGlasgow Prestwick22:3523:05
FR2317BratislavaLondon Stansted22:3023:45
FR8364SevilleLondon Stansted22:1523:55
FR9093Milan BergamoTrapani22:1523:50
FR426Glasgow PrestwickLondon Stansted22:1023:20
FR4197Milan BergamoLondon Stansted22:0523:05
FR9466Milan BergamoRome Ciampino22:0523:15
FR1395RyggeLondon Stansted22:0023:10
FR342 Dublin London Luton22:0023:05
FR8547Berlin SchonefeldLondon Stansted21:5522:40
FR4236Paris BeauvaisMilan Bergamo21:5023:10
FR298DublinLondon Stansted21:4522:55
FR108 ShannonLondon Stansted21:4523:05
FR4643BratislavaMilan Bergamo21:4523:05
FR2195TampereLondon Stansted21:4022:30
FR9775Karlsruhe BadenLondon Stansted21:3522:00
FR1627Berlin SchonefeldStockholm Skavsta21:3522:10
FR4446Dublin Kerry21:3022:20
FR4738Berlin SchonefeldMilan Bergamo21:3023:05
FR4277Milan BergamoBarcelona Girona21:2522:50
FR5207Milan BergamoFrankfurt Hahn21:2522:40
FR2149KaunasLondon Stansted21:2021:50
FR969Gothenburg CityLondon Stansted21:2022:10
FR843 KerryLondon Luton21:2022:45
FR9807Barcelona GironaLondon Stansted21:1522:25
FR8348PortoLondon Stansted21:1523:35
FR4525Milan BergamoBrussels Charleroi21:1022:40
FR2835Brussels CharleroiShannon21:0021:40
FR5372London GatwickMadrid21:0000:15
FR5996Milan BergamoMadrid21:0023:30
FR9429Milan BergamoDublin21:0022:45
FR5179BillundLondon Stansted20:5521:30
FR4887BariMilan Bergamo20:5522:25
FR1943Stockholm SkavstaMilan Bergamo20:5023:25
FR293London StanstedDublin20:4521:20
FR3883MaltaLondon Luton20:4523:05
FR2054Palma MallorcaMadrid20:4022:00
FR758London StanstedFrankfurt Hahn20:4022:55
FR8169KatowiceLondon Stansted20:3522:00
FR419London StanstedGlasgow Prestwick20:3021:40
FR9388East MidlandsGirona20:3023:35
FR9465Rome CiampinoMilan Bergamo20:3021:40
FR341 london LutonDublin20:2521:35
FR8607Milan BergamoDusseldorf Weeze20:2022:00
FR9094TrapaniMilan Bergamo20:1521:50
FR2613SantanderLondon Stansted20:1021:00
FR109 London StanstedShannon20:0021:20
FR4642Milan BergamoBratislava20:0021:20
FR4664ValenciaMilan Bergamo19:5521:45
FR4235Milan BergamoParis Beauvais19:5021:25
FR5208Frankfurt HahnMilan Bergamo19:5021:00
FR8993PalermoMilan Bergamo19:4521:25
FR8263Milan BergamoBristol19:4520:45
FR4793SantanderMilan Bergamo19:4022:00
FR4278Barcelona GironaMilan Bergamo19:3521:00
FR437Hamburg LubeckLondon Stansted19:3520:05
FR4737Milan BergamoBerlin Schonefeld19:3021:05
FR1383ZaragoszaBrussels Charleroi19:2521:30
FR842 London LutonKerry19:2520:55
FR4526Brussels CharleroiMilan Bergamo19:2020:45
FR5371MadridLondon Gatwick19:2020:35
FR1626Stockholm SkavstaBerlin Schonefeld19:2021:00
FR4195Milan BergamoLondon Stansted19:1520:15
FR9409Venice TrevisoRome Ciampino19:0520:05
FR4886Milan BergamoBari19:0020:30
FR2316London StanstedBratislava18:5522:05
FR5093LameziaMilan Bergamo18:5520:35
FR9387GironaEast Midlands18:5020:05
FR2053MadridPalma Mallorca18:4520:05
FR4198London StanstedMilan Bergamo18:4521:40
FR8546London StanstedBerlin Schonefeld18:4521:30
FR9774London StanstedKarlsruhe Baden18:4021:10
FR8347London StanstedPorto18:3020:50
FR1394London StanstedRygge18:2521:35
FR3453MurciaLondon Luton18:2520:00
FR8606Dusseldorf WeezeMilan Bergamo18:2519:55
FR5995MadridMilan Bergamo18:2020:35
FR9115Milan BergamoTrapani18:1519:50
FR8363London StanstedSeville18:0521:45
FR4707CagliariMilan Bergamo18:0019:25
FR5178London StanstedBillund18:0020:30
FR968London StanstedGothenburg City18:0020:55
FR1944Milan BergamoSkavsta17:5520:25
FR2836ShannonBrussels Charleroi17:5520:35
FR4538LiverpoolMilan Bergamo17:5021:05
FR8992Milan BergamoPalermo17:4019:20
FR9806London StanstedBarcelona Girona17:4020:50
FR4536EindhovenMilan Bergamo17:3519:05
FR9408Rome CiampinoVenice Treviso17:3518:40
FR4663Milan BergamoValencia17:3019:25
FR4532Oslo TorpMilan Bergamo17:1019:35
FR5092Milan BergamoLamezia16:5018:30
FR8168London StanstedKatowice16:5020:10
FR436London StanstedHamburg Lubeck16:4519:10
FR4634ZaragoszaMilan Bergamo16:4518:35
FR4792Milan BergamoSantander16:4519:05
FR702 KerryLondon Stansted16:3017:55
FR2148London StanstedKaunas16:2020:55
FR4537Milan BergamoLiverpool16:1017:25
FR4706Milan BergamoCagliari16:0517:35
FR9464Milan BergamoRome Ciampino16:0517:10
FR3882london LutonMalta16:0020:20
FR5982Milan BergamoMadrid15:5018:15
FR4535Milan BergamoEindhoven15:3517:10
FR4028Santiago De CompostelaMadrid15:3016:35
FR3452London LutonMurcia14:2518:00
FR4027MadridSantiago De Compostela13:5015:00
FR5316Santiago De CompostelaMadrid11:0512:10
FR5315MadridSantiago De Compostela09:3510:40
FR4442Dublin Kerry07:4508:35

Flight No.Departure AirportArrival AirportDep.Arr.
FR6416AlmeriaDusseldorf Weeze17:0520:05
FR4525Bergamo MilanCharleroi Brussels21102240
FR9466Bergamo MilanRome Ciampino22052310
FR2167Berlin SchonefeldDusseldorf Weeze21:4022:55
FR9704Berlin SchonefeldStockholm Skavsta08:3510:20
FR4305BolognaDusseldorf Weeze20:3022:20
FR4566Brussels CharleroiFigari11:1013:15
FR4524Brussels CharleroiMilan Bergamo11:1513:30
FR3745Brussels CharleroiPisa10:3012:10
FR8085Brussels CharleroiRiga10:5514:20
FR9565Brussels CharleroiStockholm Skavsta09:0510:55
FR1911Brussels CharleroiValladolid11:3013:30
FR1386Charleroi BrusselsPorto22002325
FR4526Charleroi BrusselsBergamo Milan 19202045
FR9567Charleroi Brussels Stockholm Skavsta21402330
FR962DublinStockholm Skavsta09:2013:00
FR6415Dusseldorf WeezeAlmeria13:4016:40
FR2166Dusseldorf WeezeBerlin Schonefeld20:0021:15
FR4306Dusseldorf WeezeBologna18:1520:05
FR6241Dusseldorf WeezeEdinburgh14:3515:10
FR9294Dusseldorf WeezeGirona Barcelona 13:1515:25
FR6236Dusseldorf WeezeGothenbug City10:0011:35
FR6118Dusseldorf WeezeGran Canaria13:1016:50
FR3233Dusseldorf WeezeLondon Stansted18:2518:35
FR3259Dusseldorf WeezeLondon Stansted20:3020:40
FR8612Dusseldorf WeezeMalaga16:1519:05
FR8636Dusseldorf WeezeMarrakesh14:5017:45
FR8606Dusseldorf WeezeMilan Bergamo10:2011:50
FR6234Dusseldorf WeezeOslo Torp14:3516:30
FR6218Dusseldorf WeezePalma Mallorca14:2016:35
FR6232Dusseldorf WeezeRiga07:0010:10
FR9672Dusseldorf WeezeRome Ciampino09:5012:00
FR8622Dusseldorf WeezeSeville07:3010:15
FR1952Dusseldorf WeezeStockholm Skavsta19:1521:05
FR6228Dusseldorf WeezeTenerife South07:0010:55
FR4536EindhovenMilan Bergamo17:3519:05
FR9616EindhovenRome Ciampino14:3016:30
FR9626EindhovenRome Ciampino19:5521:55
FR5703FezFrank Furt Hahn18252300
FR9293Girona BarcelonaDusseldorf Weeze15:5018:00
FR6119Gran CanariaDusseldorf Weeze17:1522:50
FR3232London StanstedDusseldorf Weeze19:0021:10
FR3258London StanstedDusseldorf Weeze21:0523:15
FR8613MalagaDusseldorf Weeze19:4022:50
FR559 ManchesterDublin21402230
FR8637MarrakeshDusseldorf Weeze18:1023:15
FR6235Oslo TorpDusseldorf Weeze16:5518:50
FR6219Palma MallorcaDusseldorf Weeze17:1019:35
FR9504Paris BeauvaisStockholm Skavsta12:3014:40
FR3746PisaBrussels Charleroi12:3514:25
FR8086RigaBrussels Charleroi14:4516:20
FR6233RigaDusseldorf Weeze10:3511:45
FR9465Rome CiampinoBergamo Milan20302140
FR9625Rome CiampinoEindhoven17:2019:30
FR1932Rome CiampinoStockholm Skavsta10:1013:10
FR1604RyggeStockholm Skavsta08:2509:25
FR8623SevilleDusseldorf Weeze10:4514:00
FR9703Stockholm SkavstaBerlin Schonefeld 06:3008:10
FR9564Stockholm SkavstaBrussels Charleroi06:3009:05
FR9566Stockholm SkavstaCharleroi Brussels19052115
FR963Stockholm SkavstaDublin07:1008:05
FR1951Stockholm SkavstaDusseldorf Weeze21:3023:25
FR1823Stockholm SkavstaEindhoven15:4017:30
FR53Stockholm SkavstaLondon Stansted09:4010:55
FR9503Stockholm SkavstaParis Beauvais09:5012:05
FR1931Stockholm SkavstaRome Ciampino06:5009:45
FR1601Stockholm SkavstaRygge07:0008:00
FR6229Tenerife SouthDusseldorf Weeze11:2017:00
FR1912ValladolidBrussels Charleroi13:5516:05
FR8093Venice TrevisoFrank Furt Hahn22302350
FR9409Venice TrevisoRome Ciampino19:0520:05

Flight No.Departure AirportArrival AirportDep.Arr.
FR6054Treviso VeniceCharleroi Brussels8301005
FR9554Memmingen (Munich West)Girona Barcelona12401425
FR1235PisaFrankfurt Hahn13051435
FR3746PisaCharleroi Brussels12351425
FR9451Treviso VeniceDublin14151555
FR583PisaLondon Stansted 640800
FR4301 BolognaTrapani630755
FR8093Venice TrevisoFrank Furt Hahn21252245
FR6056Venice TrevisoCharleroi Brussels21252255

Flight No.Departure AirportArrival AirportDep.Arr.
FR8776London StanstedLimoges08:0010:30
FR8777LimogesLondon Stansted10:5511:35
FR3515LutonLas Palmas12:5517:20
FR3616Las PalmasLuton17:4522:10

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Sunday, 6 December 2009

A small introduction and facts and figures about Alghero airport

For many tourists who come with low cost Irish airline Ryanair to the island, the Alghero airport is their gateway to Sardinia. The regional airport of Sassari and Alghero was, until several years ago, only a few timetables of Italian airlines like Alitalia flying in from Rome and Milan. Since 2000, Alghero is regularly used by Ryanair passengers from across Europe. Since 2009, Alghero-Fertilia is base of the Irish budget carrier. The small airport to the coastal town of Alghero allows a year-round international tourism. But although Alghero will handle first time in 2009 more than 1.5 million passengers and passenger numbers have tripled in the last ten years, it is the smallest commercial airport on the island.

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Saturday, 31 October 2009

TUI Travel takes Air Berlin stake

TUI Travel takes Air Berlin stake, BBC reported on October 9th, 2009.
TUI Travel is to take a 9.9% stake in Air Berlin, in a deal that will give Germany's second-largest airline 33.5m euros ($49.4m; £30.8m) in new capital.
Hannover-based TUI says its Leibniz-Service company will complete the transaction later in October.
Air Berlin recently received approval to takeover several routes of TUI's own airline, TUIfly and thus flies to Sardinia (Olbia and Cagliari) from the German cities of Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich into Sardinia under an Airberlin flight number.
The proceeds from the deal will be used for general corporate purposes, Air Berlin says.
In September, Air Berlin and TUIfly scrapped plans for a cross-shareholding deal. - Fly at a Smile-Price

Ryanair comes back to Alghero - More flights to Sardinia in 2010

Ryanair will not abandon Alghero (Italy). It will instead increase its presence on the "Riviera del Corallo" airport, as stated by the president of Sardinia's regional government Ugo Cappellacci after a meeting in Dublin with Alghero's major Marco Tedde and Ryanair's deputy CEO Michael Cawely in October. The aim of the low-cost is airline would be to reach 140-150 thousand passengers for its national and international links with Fertilia's airport. "We have verified and shared a path that will now be examined by the heads of the airline with SOGEAAL's managers, to pass the current impasse -Cappellacci stated- Ryanair will restore routes to Frankfurt and Madrid and is ready to study further development hypothesises for Alghero, besides the traditional route to Barcelona". The problem stood out in recent weeks when the Irish carrier announced its intention to leave Alghero in order to point on Cagliari, generating protests from local institutions (see AVIONEWS). "Obviously -the president of the Region said- these solutions are not in contrast or alternate to Ryanair's further development programmes at Cagliari-Elmas airport". (Avionews)

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All Ryanair destinations from and to Alghero: